Free Application for Federal Student Aid

This is just a quick reminder that if you plan on attending a university, college, or vocational program and obtain any federal funding, you must submit a FAFSA document. The priority deadlines for the FAFSA generally fall in April and May, so make sure you have this document done and that your school has recieved it. THIS PROCESS CANNOT BE COMPLETED UNTIL JANUARY 1, 2015


Step 1 – Complete and Submit FAFSA

To complete the FAFSA documentation, you simply go to You will need a department of education PIN code to submit your FAFSA. If you do not have a department of ed pin, simply visit: to get one.
Please remember FAFSA stands for FREE application for Federal Student Aid. You do not and will not have to pay to file this document. Make sure the ONLY place you put in FAFSA information is on the website. 

Step 2 – Confirm Receipt

Most schools send you a confirmation once they receive this document. Please note that it takes a few days from the time that you submit it to the time that the school receives and processes this data.
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