*Parents of children, who attend schools that receive Title I, Part A funding, have the right to request and receive information about the qualifications of the educators who teach their children core subjects—reading, English language arts and mathematics.

Staff Directory

Board of Education

Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Wilhite President (419) 683-3647 wilhite.jeff@crestline.k12.oh.us
Robyn Almanson Vice President (419) 683-3647 almanson.robyn@crestline.k12.oh.us
Tom Clutter Member (419) 683-3647 clutter.thomas@crestline.k12.oh.us
Lisa Anatra Member (419) 683-3647 anatra.lisa@crestline.k12.oh.us
Mindy Sipes Member (419) 683-3647 sipes.mindy@crestline.k12.oh.us


Name Title Phone Ext. Email
John Miller Interim Superintendent 46000 miller.john@crestline.k12.oh.us
Alina Nemec Treasurer 46100 nemec.alina@crestline.k12.oh.us
Matt Wade Athletic Director 45840 wade.matt@crestline.k12.oh.us
Ben Hocker Maintenance Director 46300 hocker.benjamin@crestline.k12.oh.us
Babette Ronk Administrative Assistant
46010 ronk.babette@crestline.k12.oh.us
Melissa Sesco Accounts Payable & Payroll 46200 sesco.melissa@crestline.k12.oh.us
Bev Payne Director of Transportation 46411 payne.bev@crestline.k12.oh.us

Support Services

Name Title Phone Ext. Email
Penny Miller School Counselor 45820 miller.penny@crestline.k12.oh.us
Fran Swiderski Speech 45173 swiderski.fran@crestline.k12.oh.us 
 Ashley Rebillot Director of Special Education 45139  rebillot.ashley@crestline.k12.oh.us
Susan Taylor School Psychologist 45137 taylor.susan@crestline.k12.oh.us
Kerri Wilhite Food Service Coordinator 45870 wilhite.kerri@crestline.k12.oh.us
Dave Hatfield Transportation Maintenance hatfield.dave@crestline.k12.oh.us


Name Phone Ext. Email
Fritz Fagan 45880 fagan.fritz@crestline.k12.oh.us


Name Title Phone Ext. Email
Julie Murphy-Theodore Elementary Principal 45850 murphy.julie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Sharon Wozniak Elementary Secretary 45860 wozniak.sharon@crestline.k12.oh.us
Bev Payne Preschool Coordinator 46410 payne.bev@crestline.k12.oh.us
Tami Wheeler Preschool Teacher 45213 wheeler.tami@crestline.k12.oh.us
Amy Hocker Preschool Teacher 45212 hocker.amy@crestline.k12.oh.us 
Sarah Shields Kindergarten Teacher 45211 shields.sarah@crestline.k12.oh.us
Jodi Baker Kindergarten Teacher 45209 baker.jodi@crestline.k12.oh.us 
Tami Smith Kindergarten Teacher 45207 smith.tamara@crestline.k12.oh.us
Dani Boylan  1st Grade Teacher 45201 boylan.danielle@crestline.k12.oh.us
Melinda Hartzler  1st Grade Teacher 45206 hartzler.melinda@crestline.k12.oh.us
Angie Mohn  1st Grade Teacher  45204 mohn.angie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Dorcas Schreck 2nd Grade Teacher  45205 schreck.dorcas@crestline.k12.oh.us 
Debra Armstrong  2nd Grade Teacher 45203 armstrong.deb@crestline.k12.oh.us
Denise Jeffrey  3rd Grade Teacher 45307 jeffrey.denise@crestline.k12.oh.us
Denise Brickley 3rd Grade Teacher 45306 brickley.denise@crestline.k12.oh.us
Crystal Miller 3rd Grade Teacher  45305 miller.crystal@crestline.k12.oh.us
Tylana Miller 4th Grade Teacher 45301 miller.tylana@crestline.k12.oh.us
Melissa Osborne 4th Grade Teacher 45302 osborne.melissa@crestline.k12.oh.us
Cory Forshaw 5th Grade Teacher 45303 forshaw.cory@crestline.k12.oh.us 
Mallory Iacobucci 5th Grade Teacher 45304 iacobucci.mallory@crestline.k12.oh.us 
Rachel Demski Elementary Art 45131 demski.rachel@crestline.k12.oh.us
Rob Glaze Elementary Music 45132 glaze.rob@crestline.k12.oh.us
Amber Youngen Elementary Gym 45362 youngen.amber@crestline.k12.oh.us
Wendy Schwall Intervention Specialist 45174 schwall.wendy@crestline.k12.oh.us
Maggie Heiby Intervention Specialist 45176 heiby.maggie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Lisa Nall Intervention Specialist 45175 nall.lisa@crestline.k12.oh.us
Julie Sloan Intervention Specialist 45177 sloan.julie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Jane Garrett Reading Specialist 45128 garrett.jane@crestline.k12.oh.us
Literacy Coach  45208
Dave Metzger Math Coach  45208 metzger.dave@crestline.k12.oh.us
Barb Lee Elementary Librarian 45133 lee.barb@crestline.k12.oh.us

High School

Name Title Phone Ext Email
James Masi HS Principal 45800 masi.jamie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Vicki Yetter HS Secretary 45830 yetter.vicki@crestline.k12.oh.us
Cheryl Richardson HS Secretary 45810 richardson.cheryl@crestline.k12.oh.us
Celeste Guiler In School Suspension 45152 guiler.celeste@crestline.k12.oh.us
Michelle Lowery MD Teacher  45153 lowery.michelle@crestline.k12.oh.us
Katrina Martin MD Aide 45153 martin.katrina@crestline.k12.oh.us
Janis Dameron MS Science 45401 dameron.janis@crestline.k12.oh.us
Becky Deane MS Math 45402 deane.becky@crestline.k12.oh.us
Amanda Crease MS ELA 45403 crease.amanda@crestline.k12.oh.us
Becky McKinnell MS Social Studies 45404 mckinnell.rebecca@crestline.k12.oh.us
David Woods HS Math 45504 woods.david@crestline.k12.oh.us
Brittany Sigler HS Math 45511 sigler.brittany@crestline.k12.oh.us
Jared Sowash HS Science 45509 sowash.jared@crestline.k12.oh.us
Adam Cirone HS Science 45505 cirone.adam@crestline.k12.oh.us
Frank Anderson HS English 45508 anderson.frank@crestline.k12.oh.us
Jaclyn Schag HS English 45510 schag.jaclyn@crestline.k12.oh.us
Valerie Ball HS Social Studies 45512 ball.valerie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Katie Stasen HS Social Studies 45500 stasen.katie@crestline.k12.oh.us
Rosa Iraheta HS Spanish 45502 iraheta.rosa@crestline.k12.oh.us
Kyle Strauch Bulldog Academy 45506 strauch.kyle@crestline.k12.oh.us
Mitchell Sellers HS Gym 45452 sellers.mitch@crestline.k12.oh.us
Brian Skowronski Business/Technology 45144 skowronski.brian@crestline.k12.oh.us
Kris Bruce Family Consumer Sciences 45602 bruce.kris@pioneerctc.edu
Bruce Weirich Industrial Technology 45702 weirich.bruce@crestline.k12.oh.us
Kerry Greer HS Art 45706 greer.kerry@crestline.k12.oh.us
Barb Lee HS Librarian 45161 lee.barb@crestline.k12.oh.us
Rob Glaze HS Band/Choir 45705 glaze.rob@crestline.k12.oh.us
Lisa Thomas Intervention Specialist 45155 thomas.lisa@crestline.k12.oh.us
Nancy Hale Intervention Specialist 45155 hale.nancy@crestline.k12.oh.us
Kelsea Noblet Intervention Specialist 45155 noblet.kelsea@crestline.k12.oh.us
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